Software Implementation & Development as a Service

Dymaptic is here to help you through all stages of software involvement. From our most basic software configuration services to our most complex custom software and custom database builds, we are ready to take your project to the next level.

Software Configuration & Extensions

We'll configure the software, so you don't have to.

Have questions about which software is right for your organization? We can help with that too! Once software has been implemented, on-going maintenance and support are critical to ensure that the production system is successful. This can include ongoing training and support.

Not all software is the right fit out of the box. Allow dymaptic to extend the reach and scope of your chosen software. Dymaptic offers services that address your system’s complete life cycle, ensuring long-term success.

Our keen ability to bridge the gap between spatial database design and GIS software development is what keeps our clients coming back for more. We can provide support services for large-scale, on-site implementations as well as smaller, project-based implementations.

computer on a desk with code on the screen
computer on a desk with code on the screen

Specialized Reports

With our new application, Ocelot Reports, we created a custom reports generator that accepts input from ArcGIS feature layers and many other sources. Our patterns are organized, beautiful, and repeatable. Ocelot Reports are powered by Atelerix, dymaptic’s scripting language that provides for efficient attribute data processing. We would love to make the templates for you or empower you to bring Ocelot Reports into your organization. Making PDFs and HTML reports has never been so easy.

Custom Solutions

When needs range beyond a basic configuration or an extended solution, we offer customized solutions to fit your needs.

There is a lot of excellent software out there, but even the best software on the market isn't always the right software for you. Many businesses require customization of existing software to meet their workflow requirements. Whether it is a made-to-order widget that fits inside an existing application, a tailored UI specifically designed to meet your needs, or thoughtfully written code designed to perform an analysis unique to your organization, dymaptic provides solutions that truly exceeds expectations.

Our team develops scalable frameworks that are built to last and evolve. We welcome the opportunity to provide knowledge transfer to members of your team and training as part of our services.

GIS Database Development

Without data, software would simply be a set of instructions, not a complete story. At dymaptic, we configure, extend, and build custom solutions for clients who require the most from their software.

We design, develop, and implement geospatial databases that satisfy the need for detailed GIS mapping analysis, tracking operational activities, remote information access, and more. These solutions are built using industry standard development platforms (we’re an Esri partner!) coupled with the latest programming database management platforms, such Microsoft SQL Server.

Leveraging our years of GIS mapping experience, we create applications using methods and approaches that have been proven successful in production environments. Dymaptic provides geospatial database solutions across numerous disciplines and domains. Typically, these solutions service multi-office environments as well as technicians out in the field, miles away from the nearest Wi-Fi connection.

From creation to maintenance to migration, we are here for all your software needs.

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