Please browse our public projects, both current and past. The majority of our development work is owned by our clients, and therefore proprietary. We relish the opportunity to chat about the problems we have solved and the technologies we use.

A.I. for Cycling Navigation

Portland is an awesome city and one way they prove that is by making their bike infrastructure data available to the public. We combined the Portland bike data, OpenStreetMaps, and hours of manual labor to create something amazing.

Frontier Series of Risk Assessment Software

The Frontier Series of Pipeline Risk Software strives to be a simple, open-algorithm tool that allows users to manage their own Risk. Available for download now!

Vote with Ease

Our app aimed to help people get out and vote by routing them to the nearest polling location with the shortest line, and minimizing the total time they would have to spend voting.

Authentic Neighborhood Food Finder

Houston is a melting pot of cultures and has excellent dishes and restaurants from all over the world, but where do you find them? - Tools for Geo Devs gives you an easy way to do some common GeoDev tasks. For example, where is that lat/long, or what is the extent of a map if I center it on Portland, OR?

Wildlife in the Road Alert

An app that alert users to wildlife in the road in order to avoid dangerous collisions.