A.I. Navigation for (Cycling) Safety and Inclusivity
Presented by

Christopher Moravec
Based in Portland, Oregon.
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Creating A Functional Navigation App for Cyclists
bike habit loop cartoon
Aren't there enough navigation apps out there?
Maybe for cars...
and biking for sport...
... but not for city cycling!
And they come with problems
It's one way...
Why is this important?
Some Portland Facts:
  • 7.2% of commuters go by bike.
  • Highest percentage of bike commuters for a large US city
  • 17,000+ workers in Portland choose to cycle
  • 350+ miles of bikeways
  • -Portland Bureau of Transportation, 2016

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Our Goals:
  • A navigation app specifically for cyclists
  • Help make city cycling easier and more inclusive
  • An adaptive app
  • Routes tailored to bikes
  • Instructions you can follow on a bike
  • Sweat or Effort Rating
The available Data was good!
openstreetmap logo
Portland City Bike Infrastructure Data

Friends and loved ones
Hours of manual labor
Nearly perfect data!
Bike Lanes of South East Portland
How do we define our roads?
Protected Bike Lane
Designated Bike Lane
Shared Lane
Residential Street
Surface Street

*Our app prohibits highways.

How do we leverage these road types?
Three "Levels" or "Types" or Routes
  • Calm
  • Intermediate
  • Fast
carton person on stationary bike
Highest preference towards off street paths, trails and greenways.
Some protected bike lanes.
Finally shared lanes, designated bike lanes and neighborhood streets.
all other streets
image of a leisure cyclist in the sun
Preference for protected lanes and off street trails and greenways first.
Shared lanes, designated bike lanes and neighborhood streets second.
all other streets
carton person on stationary bike
Some preference for shared lanes, designated bike lanes, neighborhood streets, protected bike lanes trails and greenways over other streets.
the app showing a calm route
the app showing an intermediate route
the app showing a fast route
App Demo!
What's Next?
Better (more!) data
Elevation selection options
AI/ML for preferred route selection
Voice integration using NLP
Combining cycling and public transport
Thank you.
Here's to the future of cycling!
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