Bringing Spatial Tech to STEM

Presented by Mara Stoica
an xkcd comic strip of map
  • Why GIS?
  • Maps in the industry
  • Let's make a map
  • Q&A
Moved to the US in 2001 from Arad, Romania
travel map
Graduated with a Math degree in 2006
Job Progression
  • Engineering Tech
  • GIS Programmer
  • Sr. GIS Programmer
  • Team Lead
  • CTO
  • Energy
  • Utilities
  • Local Government
  • Non-profit
Let's look at how GIS is used across industries
Public Health - Studying the Opioid Epidemic
opioids map
Public Health - Studying the Obesity Epidemic
obesity map
Utilities - Outage Tracking
outage map
Architecture - 3D Skyscraper Explorer
new york map
Agriculture - Precision Agriculture
soil map
Let's open a bike store
A successful bike store needs to:
  • Not be near another bike store
  • Be on a bike friendly street
  • Be in a commercial zone
We will need:
  • Bike lanes
  • Zoning polygons
  • Bike stores
Thank you, City of Portland!
pdx open data
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Thank you!
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