Cycling Specific Navigation: Data Deep Dive

Presented by Mara Stoica & Dawn Mott
an xkcd comic strip of the evolution of bikes
Based in Portland, Oregon.
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Using Data to Empower Cyclists
bike habit loop cartoon
  • Why Cycling Specific Navigation
  • Let's Talk About the Data
  • Learn to Create your own Web Map
  • Learn to Style & Configure your Map
  • Learn how to Edit OpenStreetMap
  • Q & A + Chit Chat
Aren't there enough navigation apps out there?
Maybe for cars...
and biking for sport...

But, some have APIs!

And new ones pop up all the time!
... but not for city cycling!

And they come with problems
It's one way...
Why is this important?
Some Portland Facts:
  • Highest percentage of bike commuters for a large US city
  • 17,000+ workers in Portland choose to cycle
  • 350+ miles of bikeways
  • -Portland Bureau of Transportation, 2016

comic strip relating bikes to salmon
Our Goals:
  • Geared towards cyclists
  • Adaptive routes
  • Make cycling safer and more inclusive
How do we define our roads?
Protected Bike Lane
Designated Bike Lane
Shared Lane
Residential Street
Surface Street

*Our app prohibits highways.

App Demo!
Data Flow
OpenStreetMap Data
osm data
Portland Metro Data
portland metro data
Esri Elevation Data
esri elevation data
Lines on a map make not a transportation network
What is a Transportation Network?
transportation network
ArcGIS for Developers arcgis for developers homepage
What do we do when the data is wrong???
Mapillary Street View
Google Navigation
What's Next?
Make something cool!!
Live(ish) integration with OSM
Integration with other data sources
Sustainable Data Pipeline
Elevation selection options
AI/ML for preferred route selection
Voice integration using NLP
Combining cycling and public transport
TriMet Beta
Additional Learning Resources
MapBox Tutorials
mapbox homepage
Hot Tasks Volunteering:
hot tasking website
ArcGiS Tutorials: esri dev labs homepage
Thank you.
Here's to the future of cycling!
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