Dymaptic is a hard-working, unpretentious startup located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, USA. We focus primarily on GIS software and technology, without being limited to only one vendor or stack. We often combine commercial tools from enterprise vendors, such as Esri and Microsoft, with open-source software, like Python and GDAL, to build the complete solutions our clients desire.

The dymaptic team works on a wide variety of projects with clientele from natural resources, construction, and environmental industries. We are proud to be the preferred software development company at several key for-profit and non-profit organizations across the globe. Through our Software Development as a Service offering, we provide full software life-cycle support. From creation to maintenance to migration, our clients rely on us to deliver quality software, skillfully designed to solve their specific problems. Some of our current and past projects include custom mobile data collection software, data processing automation, and custom web development.

Our mission is to boldly create the most excellent solutions possible. We combine the best available technology with passionate developers to build value for our clients. As a self-funded startup, we have the freedom and the bandwidth to entertain unconventional ideas and are continuously exploring projects in exciting areas like augmented reality and machine learning. We strive to advance both technology, and ourselves, through professional growth and the continual diversification into emerging and unique industries.

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Christopher Moravec smiling in a circle
"I believe that technology should help us and should make us better; you shouldn't have to change your thought processes and methods just because the software doesn't support them! I customize software solutions, so you don’t have to."

- Christopher Moravec


After being in the industry for over 10 years and watching organizations struggle with processes and software that didn’t work as expected or hoped, Christopher Moravec founded dymaptic to focus on leveraging technology to solve business problems. He began with the small dev shop of Moravec Labs in 2016. In 2019, he expanded Moravec Labs into dymaptic, a software development firm specializing in data, mapping, and user experience.

At dymaptic, Christopher works primarily on software architecture and design, writing code every day that goes into our applications. These days, he writes mostly in TypeScript, C#, Java, and Python. He has also spent many years working in Server Architecture, GIS Applications, Work Process Engineering, SQL, and more ArcGIS software than he cares to admit.

In his free time Christopher enjoys researching and learning new technologies, tinkering with gadgets, and tending to his garden.

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